Historic Chicago Bungalow Association
A non-profit group dedicated to helping homeowners maintain, preserve, and adapt their unique Chicago Bungalow.

What is a Chicago Bungalow?

Associated with the philosophy of the Arts and Crafts Movement in the United States, ‘bungalow’ has become a generic term to describe a house or cottage. In Chicago, however, the Historic Chicago Bungalow refers to a single-family home with the following features:

Any house that meets all of these requirements may be considered a Historic Chicago Bungalow.

And with more than 80,000 Bungalows, the housing style represents nearly one-third of the city’s single-family housing stock.

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Not sure if it's a Historic Chicago Bungalow?
Homeowners, realtors, neighbors, easily find out if it’s an HCBA-certifiable Historic Chicago Bungalow (all we need is an address!). Contact Angela Pauldine, Associate at HCBA:
Phone: 312-675-0300 x12
Email: apauldine@chicagobungalow.org