Historic Chicago Bungalow Association
A non-profit group dedicated to helping homeowners maintain, preserve, and adapt their unique Chicago Bungalow.

Free Membership Opportunities

Whether you own a Historic Chicago Bungalow or just admire them, you can become a member of the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association and enjoy a wide array of benefits. We offer the following two levels of membership:

Member Level 1
Owners of Historic Chicago Bungalows

How to become a member:
To become a member, get your Historic Chicago Bungalow certified by HCBA. It's simple, fast and free!

Your membership benefits include:

Member Level 2
Friends of the Bungalow
Don’t live in a Historic Chicago Bungalow? Not a problem! You can still take advantage of the many vintage home seminars and workshops and stay up to date on HCBA’s resources and City-wide programs. Become a Friend of the Bungalow by joining our email list!

Not sure if It’s a Historic Chicago Bungalow?
Homeowners, realtors, neighbors, easily find out if it’s an HCBA-certifiable Historic Chicago Bungalow (all we need is an address!). Contact Angela Pauldine at HCBA:
Phone: 312-675-0300 x12 
Email: apauldine@chicagobungalow.org