Historic Chicago Bungalow Association
A non-profit group dedicated to helping homeowners maintain, preserve, and adapt their unique Chicago Bungalow.

Energy Savers Grant 

HCBA’s ENERGY SAVERS GRANT (valued at $3,600) is offering FREE insulation and air sealing for bungalow and vintage homeowners in the City of Chicago. It is designed to help lower gas and electric bills, reduce draft and increase comfort during cold winter and hot summer months, and increase the value of your historic home.

Weatherization services may include:

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Am I eligible?

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Please note, the Energy Savers Grant is available for a limited time only and on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have received a grant from HCBA in the past, you may not be eligible for another.

HCBA is concerned about your health and safety. If health and safety issues are discovered during the assessment, we may ask that you resolve the issues before work can be done.

For any questions and/or concerns please contact John Schulte, Grants Manager at HCBA:
Phone: 312-675-0300 x 14
Email: jschulte@chicagobungalow.org.