Why adapt your vintage home?








When they were originally built, Chicago bungalows represented the most modern efficiencies and amenities of their era. Then, efficiency meant “all on one floor” living with unfinished attics and basements providing practical service and storage areas.


Bungalow owners today shouldn't feel hesitant to uphold their bungalow's modern image by updating them to contemporary standards.


Today, more and more young couples and families are recognizing their value and adapting them to fit their needs—attic and basement spaces can be finished for young families to grow into.


With a little thinking outside the bungalow "box," anything can be done within this sturdy footprint that was built to last for generations to come! Just be sure to do so in the most practical and sensible manner possible.

"The beauty of bungalows is their adaptability for the modern family"

Mary Ellen Guest

Executive Director, CBA

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