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  Reduce Energy Usage & Increase Savings

The Chicago Bungalow Association in partnership with ComEd, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas, provide customers with free home energy services and improvements. 


The program offers a free home energy assessment for your home and may include free weatherization services and installation of energy-saving products to help increase comfort, lower utility bills, and improve the value of your home.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Home built before 1970

  • Not a previous Energy Savers Program participant

  • Household income of 80% Area Median Income (AMI) or lower. See chart below. 


The Process 

STEP 1: Apply & Schedule
It’s simple! The Home Energy Savings application requires basic homeowner information, household income and occupancy information, and utility account information to assess energy burden.  Schedule a time to receive your visual assessment.

STEP 2: Visual In-Home Assessment
During your assessment an Energy Advisor from Utility Energy Services (UES), 
a utility program partner, will collect information about your home's energy use by looking at your lighting, heating system (e.g. furnace or boiler), cooling system (air conditioner), water heater and appliances and identify energy saving opportunities for your home. Receive installation of energy saving products.


Potential Benefits for You and Your Home

Receive a personalized report from energy assessment that includes information about your home's energy efficiency status, expected savings from installation of energy saving products, and additional recommendations.​​

  • Programmable/Smart thermostat - Raise and lower temperature automatically, limiting the amount of energy used when away or asleep 

  • WaterSense® certified showerheads - use less water than with traditional showerheads to save energy on water heating for showers 

  • WaterSense® certified faucet aerators - use up to 305 less water than standard faucet aerators to save water as well as energy used to heat it 

  • Pipe Insulation - keeps water in your water pipes warm longer, helping you lower water consumption and energy used by your hot water heater 

  • ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs - use at least 75 percent less electricity and last about 25 times longer than incandescent light bulbs 

  • Advanced Power Strips*

  • Door Sweeps 

*Certain eligibility restrictions may apply

If Eligible - determination contingent on findings from visual in-home assessment

STEP 3: Technical In-Home Assessment  
Once you past the initial assessment eligibility screening, CBA will send you an approved for comprehensive assessment letter and you can expect a call from DNR Construction to schedule the assessment. This technical assessment includes more comprehensive home analytics and diagnostics including thermal imaging, blower door testing, and combustion safety testing and is used to determine program qualifications and discuss potential work plan. 

STEP 4: Weatherization Work Approved 
Once your home eligibility is approved from the findings from the technical assessment, CBA will send an approval letter and you will be contacted to schedule your weatherization work. 

STEP 5: Weatherization Work

Receive energy saving products and improvements. Services may include attic and wall insulation, air sealing, health and safety measures, and installation of energy saving products. 


Potential Weatherization Benefits 

Energy Efficient Home

  • Your home uses less energy for heating or cooling to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature.


Affordable Home

  • You can adjust your thermostat and save money on your utility costs! Past program recipients report an average of 50% gas bill savings and 30% electricity bill savings.


Comfortable Home

  • Your home is on average 45% less drafty, which should increase the comfort of your home significantly! 

Higher-Value Home

  • Your home is "Green Certified" and therefore recognized as being higher quality and worth more money.


The Process

Interview with Homeowners: Pre and Post Weatherization

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