Increase Your Comfort & Saving

ComEd® and Peoples Gas, in partnership with the Chicago Bungalow Association, provide customers with free home energy upgrades with CBA's Energy Savers. The free weatherization services and  installation of free energy-saving products help increase comfort, lower utility bills, add value and extend the life of your home.

Services include air sealing in the attic, first floor exterior facing wall insulation, a clean and tune of a furnace or boiler, a high efficiency ventilation fan installed in your bathroom, weather stripping of your doors and possibly other health and safety components depending on what is needed at your specific house.


  • Vintage single-family home built at least 50 years ago

  • Owner occupied

  • Located in the City of Chicago

  • Household income of 80% Area Median Income (AMI) or lower is required to apply - see chart below:

attic renovation and thermal Insulation.
Are you eligible for this program based on the criteria above? If so, you may apply. 


CBA will review the application carefully. If your application is preliminarily approved, our weatherization contractor will contact you to schedule an energy assessment of your home to determine the scope of work needed. Scope of work is based on the discretion of our contractor and approved by the Chicago Bungalow Association. 


Our Impact in 2020


For owners of vintage homes you might say weatherization is a must-have renovation. Vintage homes, while built with high quality and sustainable materials, can be especially drafty in the cold winter months. You can expect to have little to no insulation in houses built before 1940 unless they were later retrofitted to meet today’s building standards. Building science has come a long way and it’s now possible to bring vintage homes up to date.


While a decade ago the term “weatherization” was still quite ambiguous, CBA has been working with contractors for over a decade now, refining our robust program to help make vintage homes more energy efficient, affordable and comfortable - all at no cost to you.


Energy Efficiency
  • Insulating and air sealing your home allows you to use less energy for heating or cooling to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature.


  • Having a well insulated and air sealed home means your home will be an average of 10 degrees warmer in the winter (or cooler in the summer). Meaning, you can adjust your thermostat accordingly and save money on your utility costs!


  • Proper insulation and air sealing of your home results in reduced air infiltration rates. The average reduction achieved through our Energy Savers is 45%. That's 45% less drafts and a significant increase in the comfort of your home.


          The Process


Chicago Homes Retrofitted in 2020


Gas Therms Saved


kWh Saved

That's equivalent to 528 homes' electricity use for one year!

Don't miss out! Program recipients since 2018 have reported gas bill savings up to 50% and electric bill savings between 20% and 30%.


It's simple! The Energy Savers application requires basic homeowner information, household income and occupancy information, and homeowner signature.​​

Home Assessment

Once your application is approved, our trusted contractors at DNR Construction will contact you to schedule a home assessment. 

The Home Assessment​

The home assessment is used to discover areas prone to air leaks and drafts, explain program  qualifications and review the work plan with you. 

Weatherization Work Approval

Once your home eligibility
is verified  during the assessment, CBA will send
an approval letter so you
can schedule your  weatherization work.

Day-of Weatherization Work

Services include attic and sidewall insulation, air  sealing, health and safety measures, and installation of energy-saving products.

Interview with Homeowners: Pre and Post Weatherization


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