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How to Write a Descriptive Essay in 7 Steps - 2022 Guide

You must have heard of the phrase “A picture really is worth a thousand words”. It means that picture describes everything, and nothing can replace the imagery they represent. This phrase somehow is right but guess what? Apart from images, your words can let readers imagine the unseen scenario.

I know it feels unreal because you think your words do not have the power. Well, you are wrong here because as a writer, you have words to allow the readers to hear and see through the words. This is the power that descriptive writing gives you.

Yes! You heard it right. The descriptive essay that your teacher gives to write in your school and college. This essay has the power to create an image of the unseen world because through words, you describe the whole person, his life events, and his feelings. While it is not limited to the person, you can describe a fictional character, fictional world, place, or feelings.

For example, if you are asked to write about your favorite personality then, you will describe it in a way that your readers can imagine him in front of them. This is an art that is unknown to many writers but descriptive writing can make you familiar with this style. As an essay writer, you can describe something but making it imaginative and extraordinary can be challenging for you. No doubt, it would be difficult for me. Descriptive writing demands a stronghold on words and imagery.

However, do not worry because this hold on words comes through some tips and practice and I am here to tell these tips. You just practice it yourself as I am giving you a hook to hold onto. So, do not go anywhere and stick to the blogs because I am outlining five important points that can help to make your essay stand among all essays.

So, get ready to write an essay that will act as an image for your readers.

  1. Choose Topic Close to your Heart

Writing is considered to be a boring act and people think that we as writers do not have the choice to be creative as an artist.