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Steps to Avoid Cliches in Your Writing

Writing is always about creating something new and unique. However, the tradition of using common and overused cliches has become normal.

You must’ve noticed that the writings with commonly used cliches seem really uninteresting and not new at all.

Therefore, it is important to understand not just for the literature writer but everyone including people who consider themselves an essay writer, that clichés reduce the appeal of the text. Writing must be the authentic task of an individual.

Things have changed a lot, now people do not find writing therapeutic anymore, rather it is considered as a tool to either enter the competitive world of writing or for pressurizing students to fulfill their academic writings.

I feel I'm perhaps scaring you? Right?

No!! I’m just trying to tell you that this is a very serious problem and this blog will help you find ways for avoiding cliches while writing.

Let’s start…

Unique Writing:

Try to write a unique text because borrowed words or phrases may dull the charm of your text. People have started using common words, phrases, and even plots in their writings assuming that it might help them to enhance the appeal of the text.

However, the idea of enhancement becomes the idea of disappointment.

Write your unique language which impresses you, the rest of the world will be impressed by its uniqueness.

Avoid the conventional element of drama:

Literature or perhaps any writing portrays the dilemma of the existing society. That's why writings are considered mirror images of a particular time period.

The approaches used in previous eras must not be copied because we’re not living in a world similar to the world of generations lived before us.

The writers of the age could be seen following all the dramatic plots which were once a known characteristic of some particular era.

This reoccurrence of the element of drama does not excite the audience. Avoiding conventional ideas could be proved as a helpful wa