Window/Planter Boxes

Voting is now closed but you can still view our top 10 submissions. The winner of this category will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram on August 2, and an email announcement will follow.

1. Anthony Dawkins, Washington Heights

“Making the best out of concrete front yard. Was there before I moved in. Something different.”

2. Joe & Marybeth Dietz, Portage Park

“Our gardens have been transformed with handcrafted and prefab planters. We designed and built our window box in an Arts & Crafts style to compliment the brick and stained glass colors of our bungalow while planter bowls greet visitors as they ascend the porch. The planters in the back yard create an oasis of lush perennials, bountiful vegetables and fragrant herbs.”


3. Ashlee Gabrysch, Albany Park

“Colors, density, and texture are key components to our annual window boxes and planters.”

4. Tim Lally​, Portage Park


“We recognized the importance window boxes played in the Arts & Craft philosophy of connecting architecture with landscape. Because of the length between corbels, we could not find ready-made window boxes to fit and had to make them ourselves. We stained them to match the back of the house and fence. Handmade tiles match those on the fence. Plants cascade over the boxes to bring color and movement to the front of the bungalow.”


5. Nancy Jane Lauren, West Ridge

“While we are sun-challenged in the front of our house, we have compensated by adding a little whimsy. Occasionally Bruce, the cat, graces our front walk adding even more whimsy. In the back we've transformed an ordinary 1920's garage into a charming country cottage by adding window shutters and homemade white window boxes, compliments of my handy husband.”

6. Rick Marzec, North Park

“In our quest to prevent landfill, we opted to take our old wooden window boxes (destined for the dumpster) and paint them to match the existing cement boxes lining our front steps using a stencil we made from of the cement box's pattern. From a distance, folks walking by have been ‘fooled’ into thinking we have a set of four cement boxes filled with a variety of shade loving plants.”

7. Steve & Alice Puszkiewicz​, West Lawn

“One of the features we are most proud of on our bungalow is the original 1928 window planter box. We had Venture Statuary of Chicago make two Craftsman style stoop urn reproductions for us to complete the restoration of the Chicago bungalow design intent. Each year we change the plantings based on our finds at the local greenhouse.”

8. Leslie Ramyk, West Ridge

“I had the planter boxes made for the house; the vertical oval design mimics the curved top of the windows. Each window box rests in front of three panes of original stained-glass windows. When I choose plants I just grab what I like—I love including foliage that brings color, not just blooming flowers. Tip: plant the boxes from inside, leaning out over the open windows! That's also how I water them.”

9. Venus Rodriguez, Hermosa

“I had no room for more plants in the garden so I decided to buy boxes and garage sale finds to create planters to fill with annuals with a lot of color to brighten up the bungalow’s upper part since there's no dirt there. From wood to plastic painted square pots I was able to fill the mid-section and stairway ledges with more plants and flowers.”

10. Terry Young, Avalon Park

No description given.


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