Window/Planter Boxes

Voting is now closed. Winners will be announced July 27th. View the top 10 submissions for our 4th Annual Bungalow Garden Contest below. 

1. Margaret & Charles Hagopian, Norwood Park

"We enjoy the sights, sounds and sustenance of our backyard and vegetable/herb garden throughout the year. A feast for the senses and our place to go when there IS no place to go. Urbane and industrial elements work comfortably within the realm of our Bungalow garden which features a downspout system, running the length of the yard creating a concealed and practical solution for using rainwater to irrigate a row of Arborvitae evergreens."

2. Eileen Kilroy, Norwood Park

"I mix all sizes, colors, textures and shapes of flowers to make my garden more colorful, interesting and visually appealing. I prefer it to look more wild and random rather than formal and symmetrical (which have their type own beauty). More importantly, I want my garden to be inviting to nature, especially bees and hummingbirds, both of whom I look forward to see enjoying the flowers all summer."

3. Tim Koehler, Portage Park​

"I bought my very first home (this gorgeous certified bungalow) 7 months ago and my first thought was, "I can't wait to build a window box for the front!" Watching it grow from very small plants to spilling over the edges has been quite a thrill!"

4. Michael Konkoleski, West Elsdon​

"My wife and I just moved to a vintage bungalow a few months ago, and we were fortunate enough to have a bungalow with an original flower box and original flower pots lining the stairs. We obviously needed to keep these, so we cleaned up all of the old flower containers, nursed some almost-dead plants back to life, and planted perennial plants that both attract insects and are native to the area. We were very pleased with our first try at this - we hope to make our fellow bungalow owners proud!"

5. Nancy Jane Lauren, West Ridge

"I used to spend my winters propagating a certain variety of Plectranthus in my basement using vegetative cuttings. I now have approximately 20 very full, lush plants, all of which are on show every summer in the concrete window boxes that adorn the front of our bungalow. Come Fall, they travel south for the winter back to their birth place in our basement under the warmth of their old grow lights. For the remaining containers and window boxes I always choose the most colorful, long blooming annuals I can find to make the biggest splash on the block!"

6. Inez Louis, Roseland

7. Chris Matias, Portage Park​

"Due to the covid-19 quarantine my daughters and I embarked on a project of building cedar window boxes for the front and side of our home. We built 5 window boxes attempting to design them in line with the Arts and Crafts movement. They are now proudly displayed outside our home filled with a variety of potato vines, calibrachoas, geraniums, verbena and petunias."

8. Lindsay McKone, West Ridge

"As an artist and graphic designer, I'm obsessed with color and texture. Since we purchased our bungalow in 2017, gardening has become a new way for me to be creative! Last year we acquired our stunning front window planter from CRAEFT which has really allowed me to transform our front facade for every season."

9. Maureen & Eamon Reilly, Beverly

"'Go big or go home' is the attitude we chose when we designed our planter boxes! They are 16' x 3' and chair height with a large rim so they can serve as seating for backyard parties. We had a huge patch of concrete that was an eyesore and we want to grow as much produce as our yard will yield. We added the boxes, surrounded them by stamped concrete and have never looked back."

10. Vanna Strzelecki, Jefferson Park

"Done with care and love along with hard work to show the beauty and tranquility that flowers, plants, and trees bring to all of us. Wanted to set an example of how a brick and mortar house can be transformed into a beautiful place."


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