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We're here to help you maintain, preserve and adapt your older home!

While your bungalow or older home has endured the test of time, you may be looking to repair elements that haven't held up or renovate areas that don't suit your modern lifestyle.

We are a non-profit delegate agency of the City of Chicago here to help our members:

  • Remedy common problems affecting older homes

  • Practically preserve your largest investment before damage occurs

  • Redesign your home to fit your style while maintaining its historic charm

  • Save money and extend the life of your home by making it energy efficient

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Our History


The Chicago Bungalow Association (CBA) was inspired by former 19th Ward Alderman Virginia Rugai and was created in September 2000 by Mayor Richard M. Daley to ensure that the 80,000 one and one-half story homes that have been the foundation of family lives and neighborhoods for over 100 years would continue to do so for the next century. 


Take a look back to see how we've evolved as an organization
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