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One District at a Time

With strong community support, we have created 14 Historic Bungalow Districts in which homeowners can receive property tax freezes for up to 12 years, and take pride in their neighborhoods. Our districts span the Chicago map, from some of the earliest Chicago bungalow developments in South Shore to the most diverse architectural collection in Rogers Park. Our most recent listing sits in the beautiful Gage Park neighborhood, and is our second majority-Hispanic District.


On the bungalow belt map, districts are numbered by date, in the order they were added to the National Register of Historic Places. Use the menu below to learn more about individual districts.


A National Register Bungalow Historic District is a concentration of Chicago bungalows and other contributing structures formally recognized for its historical, cultural, and architectural significance. One bungalow in a district may not be particularly significant individually, but all of them are significant as a collection. 

In addition to the prestige, community pride, and potential increased property resale value that come with living in a National Register Historic District, homeowners are eligible for the Property Tax Assessment Freeze Program.

Current National Register Bungalow Historic Districts

Our work to create these districts is generously funded by The Driehaus Foundation.

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