Mary Ellen Guest | Executive Director

Mary Ellen directs all of the Association's activities with a special focus on community outreach and strategic partnerships with community organizations and governmental agencies. Mary Ellen comes to CBA from a long career of advocacy work, political and community outreach and public education reform. 

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Gillian Wineman | Deputy Director

Gillian manages the grant programs for energy efficient technologies and works to promote the preservation, sustainability and resilience of Chicago bungalows and vintage homes through community outreach, program development and communications.

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Emily Wallrath Schmidt | Preservation Program Manager

Emily leads development and implementation of CBA’s energy efficiency and preservation programs.

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Angela Pauldine | Director of Communications

Angela manages digital and print media communications and develops outreach strategies to communicate CBA's message. Angela also contributes to program growth through the use of geographic information systems.

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Cathy Reed | Membership Coordinator

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Carla Bruni | Preservation and Resiliency Specialist

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Demitria Gallaread | Assistant Grants Manager

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Sylvia Jones | Community Liaison


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Board of Directors

Jason Schulz | President

Sarah L. Ware | Secretary

Zurich Esposito | Board Member

Kristine Menas Daley | Board Member

James E. Mann | Emeritus Board Member


Thomas Murphy | Emeritus Board Member

Attorney at Law

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