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The public votes for winners online!

Congratulations to our 2023 winners!

Bungalow owners across Chicago demonstrate their love for nature by beautifying their blocks with inspiring home gardens. In 2023, for the seventh year in a row, the Bungalow Garden Contest will aim to celebrate the hard work of our members and draw attention to how gardens not only enhance a home’s architecture, but can also promote a healthier ecosystem and uplift a community.

For every eligible garden contest entry received, a $25 donation is made to South and West Side community gardens. Thanks to your entries last year, a total of $3,000 was donated to six community gardens!

Take a virtual walk through the winning gardens from our past Bungalow Garden Contest:

How It Works​

Must be a bungalow owner (brick, stucco or frame) and member of CBA to compete. Not sure if you’re eligible? Email us your name and address, and we’ll check your membership information.

Important Dates​

  • Entry form will be posted on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

  • Enter to compete in one or more categories by 5pm on Wednesday, June 28:

    1. Front Garden

    2. Rear/Side Garden

    3. Planter Boxes​​ & Beds

  • Public online voting will be held from July 6 to 11​. Depending on the number of entries, the Chicago Bungalow Association will choose the top 5-10 submissions in each category to be included on the public online ballot. (You may enter in more than one category, but only one entry per home may be selected.) We'll email and post the online ballot. Share with your neighbors and friends!​

  • Winners’ walk-thru videos will be filmed July 14 and 15. If you win by popular vote, we’ll call you right away on July 12.

  • Winners and runners-up will be announced on July 28 (thank you for your patience)!

Winners Receive

  • $500 cash prize

  • Garden award plaque handcrafted by Craeft, LLC

  • Stained glass sun catcher handcrafted by Baltic Art Studio

  • Handcrafted birdhouse courtesy of Prairie Godmothers

  • Feature on our website and social media including a garden walk-through video

Runners-Up Receive

  • $200 cash prize

  • Feature on our website and social media

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