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"All On One Floor" Living

Unlike earlier single family residences, Chicago bungalows were designed for living "all on one floor." During the bungalow building boom, this efficient and economical floor plan provided well-built, yet inexpensive, housing options for families of virtually all income levels. Originally purchased with unfinished attics, a growing family had the option to convert the space into a spare bedroom later on. 

Most of the Bungalow Belt was adapted from earlier housing types to meet the narrow confines of Chicago's urban lots. These lots were typically between 25' to 30' wide and 125' long, with just enough room for two lines of living spaces: 
private spaces on one side of the house, and public spaces on the other. While there are many variations among this housing type across the city, this general floor plan format is consistent.

Model Bungalow 

For the purpose of the Bungalow Expansion Project, all architects involved used the same base "Model Bungalow" file as the foundation to create design solutions to be used as an approach for expanding your bungalow living.

Zoning Requirements

Based on R-3
Our project lot is 125’ x 30’
Interior Lot

Front Yard Setback: 15'

Front yard is being taken from the sample project’s actual plat. Since Front yard setback is calculated as an average front yard depth that exists on nearest 2 lots on either side, we will assume the neighboring lots are equal to ours.

Rear Yard Setback: 35'

28% of lot depth or 50’, whichever is the least.

Side Yard Setback: 6' combined, 2'-5" minimum, any side

Combined must be 20% of lot width (30’ x 20% = 6’). Smallest setback shall not be less than 2’ or 8% of lot width , whichever is greatest. 30’ x 8% = 2’5”.

Rear Yard Open Space: 243.75'; 15' minimum, any side

225 square feet required or 6.5% of lot area, whichever is greater. (125 x 30’ = 3750. 3750 x 6.5% = 243.75). Minimum distance on any side is 15’ per code.

Building Height: 30' maximum

Maximum building height is 30’ per code.

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