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Curb Appeal Gardening (For Neighbors and Pollinators Alike!)

City Grange presented two seminars for our members last month. The timing was perfect as Chicagoans anticipate spring and begin to formulate their gardening plans. The content of the presentation by Bridget Walsh, known as "Our Lady of Landscaping" over at City Grange, was also perfect for our members who have an interest in native plants and attracting pollinators.

The highlights for many were the two custom landscape design plans Bridget created! One design is for Chicago bungalows with full sun gardens, and the other for bungalows with part shade gardens. Check those out below!

The Full Sun design calls for 10 different native plants, each pictured above (reading from the top left):

  • pasqueflower

  • butterfly weed

  • tara sporobolus

  • monarda

  • northwind panicum

  • calamintha + bulbs

  • allium

  • mountain mint

  • coneflower

  • goldenrod

  • and a bird bath!

The Part Shade design calls for 12 different native plant (plus a fern and annuals or edibles of your choice), each pictured above (reading from the top left):

  • carex

  • baptisia

  • ajuga

  • cardinal flower

  • foam flower

  • jacob's ladder

  • dutchman's breeches

  • bluebells

  • dwarf fothergilla

  • solomons seal

  • chelone

  • jack in the pulpit

  • fern

  • and a section of annuals or edibles.

You can read about these plants and more in Bridget's full presentation:

Be sure to visit the City Grange garden center at 5500 N Western Ave. They will also be opening a second location in Beverly on 99th Street (across from the Metra tracks) in the coming months! Visit for more information.

Happy gardening!

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