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"2-Story Bungalow Living"
Overall Design Solution

 OVERALL DESIGN SOLUTION                                                                      


Before: 2 bed, 1 bath bungalow

After: 4 bed, 2 bath bungalow w/ enlarged remodeled kitchen  

Have you decided a full second floor addition is the best solution for your growing family? We can help you protect the value of your largest investment with this sensible approach, which respects the original design of the existing building and streetscape, complete with 4 bedrooms (2 upstairs, 2 downstairs), 2 bathrooms, a large walk in closet and plenty of attic storage. Also included in this design scheme are relocated stairs which allow for an enlarged and remodeled kitchen.

View details of the existing bungalow
  • Repair masonry where kitchen window sills are raised

  • Add aluminum gutters and downspout

  • Extend chimney higher to reuse

          Exterior Alterations      ​

Meet CBA Design Guidelines to maintain your membership:
  • Construct addition to be set back a minimum of 20 feet from the front edge of building to minimize the impact on the building and streetscape

  • Build addition that is compatible to the original building in material, style and proportions

  • Build addition with a similar roof pitch and height as the original building

    • Hip roof form with dormers to match hip roof of original building​

    • Asphalt shingles

  • Match window openings, trim, eaves and other details as closely as possible to the original building

Exterior Alterations

Exterior Plans









Rear (Aerial)

Rear (Aerial)

Exterior 3D Renderings

Interior Alterations

Structural Reinforcement

  • Typically, the floor structure of an existing attic is actually a ceiling joist. To make the attic a livable space, the existing ceiling joists usually will not meet the Chicago Building Code requirements for a floor structure and will have to be reinforced to support the new use of space and new load.

  • Possible reinforcement of existing beams and columns in basement to support added load​​

          Interior Alterations   ​

Second floor (footprint altered)

  • Add set-back addition to provide more usable second floor space, including:

    • 1 master bedroom​ w/ large walk-in closet

    • 1 bedroom w/closet

    • 1 full bathroom (accessible from hallway)

  • 8' ceiling height ​

  • Front attic storage area (accessible from master bedroom)

  • Shared plumbing piping for new bathroom above first floor bathroom

New relocated staircase to second floor and basement

  • Relocate staircase to existing pantry

    • Allows for enlarged kitchen

    • Rear first floor bedroom reduced somewhat to accommodate stairs

First floor (spatial use altered)

  • Remodel and enlarge kitchen:

    • Raise kitchen window sills to add base cabinets

    • Add counter space by relocating staircase to where pantry was

    • New cabinets, appliances and modern amenities

Basement to remain unfinished

System Upgrades​


  • ​Extend chimney higher so existing boiler and hot water heater can possibly be reused

  • Enlarge existing boiler for hot water radiators or add separate furnace​

Plumbing & Electric

Interior Plans

Interior 3D Renderings

Project Cost Estimate

          Project Cost Estimate​

Second Floor Addition

Total Square Footage: 25' x 27' = 675ft² / Cost per Square Foot: $230-285

Includes all exterior alterations, added structural support, 1 new master bedroom w/ walk-in closet, 1 new bedroom w/ closet, 1 full bathroom and new HVAC system 


Relocated Staircases

New, relocated staircase to second floor and basement w/ renovated rear first floor bedroom


$5-8k: Remodel first floor bedroom/office + 

$16-24k: New stairs x2 (to attic and basement) +

$8k: New stair floor openings x2



Remodel and enlarge kitchen to provide modern amenities



Possible increase in plumbing service w/ new, larger water main



Possible increase in electrical service


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