"Muddy Shoes"
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 OVERALL DESIGN SOLUTION                                                                        

Before: 2 bed, 1 bath bungalow
After: 2 bed, 1 bath bungalow w/ remodeled kitchen and new adjacent family/mudroom & deck

​Do you find yourself wishing for a more functional entry to your bungalow, with room to store shoes and coats, or wipe dirty paws? Add a rear addition to create a family room adjacent to the kitchen, mudroom entry, and a better connection to the exterior with a deck for outdoor entertaining off of the addition. Also included in this design scheme is a remodeled kitchen within its original footprint, with modern amenities for your family.


          Exterior Alterations      ​

  • Add rear addition with crawl space below

  • Add rear deck with steps to yard

  • Add covered side entry

Meet CBA Design Guidelines to maintain your membership:
  • Erect rear addition to match the original building in materials, scale, colors and details​

  • Match window openings, trim, eaves and other details as closely as possible to the original building

Exterior Plans

Exterior 3D Renderings

System Upgrades​


  • Add radiators to the rear addition off of the existing boiler


          Interior Alterations   ​

First floor (footprint altered)

  • Add rear addition to provide more first floor space and better connection to the exterior, including:

    • Side mudroom entry

    • Family room

  • Add deck off the addition with steps to yard, leaving plenty of room for yard space

  • Remodel kitchen within original footprint:

    • Open up to rear addition

    • Add counter space with stair access to attic eliminated

    • New cabinets, appliances and modern amenities

New staircase to second floor (for future build-out)​​

  • Change access from kitchen to dining room

    • Widen stairs to meet Chicago Building Code requirements​

Second floor

  • Attic to remain unfinished


  • To remain unfinished with new crawl space below rear addition​


Interior Plans

Interior 3D Renderings


          Project Cost Estimate​

Rear Addition

Total Square Footage: 13' x 17.5' = 227.5ft² / Cost per Square Foot: $235-285

Includes rear addition, side mudroom entry, family room and new radiators off of the existing boiler


Back Deck

Total Square Footage: 6' x 18' = 108ft² / Cost per Square Foot: $100

Includes deck off the addition with steps to yard



Remodel kitchen to provide modern amenities and open it up to rear addition



New staircase to second floor 



Possible increase in electrical service


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