Front Gardens​

Voting is now closed. Winners will be announced July 27th. View the top 10 submissions for our 4th Annual Bungalow Garden Contest below. 

1. Claudia Carter, Jefferson Park


"This garden and curbside appeal is in memory of my late mother, Audrey. She was a woman with many talents in one of them was her Green thumb. I remember spending countless hours in the garden with Mom, so I know she would be proud of all my hard work and is smiling down each day."

2. Josephine Crosse, Portage Park

"My garden has been developed over the years to bring joy, encourage curiosity, and provide a safe haven for the birds and bees. While I relax and enjoy my tea from the front porch, it brings me great joy to see the smiles on passersby faces, and the curious gaze of young children. As each season comes and goes, the changes in my garden continue to bring joy to friends, neighbours and encourages new gardeners to begin their own adventure."

3. Eve Fineman, Albany Park

"Inspired by Japanese gardens, I have selected plants and rocks that combine color, texture and contrast to create a unique bungalow garden. Vintage stainless steel milk jugs are repurposed into containers, referencing the vintage aesthetic of the bungalow."

4. Nancy Jane Lauren, West Ridge

"Our garden is a combination of hardscape and forest plants with some large stones, quickly receding into our Ligularia and Pachysandra. We do, however, have two meandering flagstone paths; one in our side garden and another along the front of the house. Additionally, we are growing Japanese Forest Grass, Solomon's Seal, a variety of Hostas, Liriope, Brunera (Jack Frost) and Lamium (Frosted Dead Nettle), all of which create a lush green blanket of varying textures, shapes and colors."

5. Francisco Melecio, Chicago Lawn

"It has a wonderful color mixture of plants. Catches your attention when turning down the street."

6.  MacArthur & Carolyn Milam, Auburn Gresham

"We just enjoy gardening and every year we add new perennials. This past year we added new windows with the grids on them to enhance the flower garden."

7. Lourdes Perez, Chicago Lawn

"I cannot take any credit for my beautiful garden, my husband is the avid gardener that created our beautiful oasis. The meticulous attention to detail for placing his annuals versus perennials and shrubs creates such a peaceful and mesmerizing atmosphere. There are constant new blooms throughout that make the spring, summer and fall the most enjoyable experience for our family and neighborhood."

8. Sedonia Phillips, Montclare

"We utilize no pesticides, incorporate native plants, and support bees and butterflies. Also, we maintain the corner gardens on Wellington and Newcastle, and the corner across the street at Bell Park. The home and gardens are all visible from the park."

9. Stacy & Al Maul Schmitt, Morgan Park

"Our garden changes each year with updates and tweaks. This year we have worked hard to make it nice for our neighbors to enjoy walking by as we are meeting more people out for their daily exercise while working from home. We have added bulbs for the spring and filled in with annuals and beautiful containers with color and texture for summer. The garden attracts birds and butterflies that enhance our views and keeps our dog engaged in life outside."

10. Mary Sheffield, Albany Park

"Our garden compliments the architecture of our beloved 1916 bungalow. The colors & textures we have chosen of the tree, shrubs and plants work well as the foreground of the original windows & stunning stained glass windows."


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