Front Gardens​

Voting is now closed but you can still view our top 10 submissions. The winner of this category will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram on August 2, and an email announcement will follow.

1. Anne Alt, Beverly


“We often get compliments on the variety of plant species and colors. Birds, butterflies and bees are in our garden every day. We enjoy seeing parents of young children using our garden to teach their little ones about plants and colors.”

2. Dennis Best, Hermosa

“I have a lot of sentimental plants, like the red tree I bought for my daughter's birthday (almost 11 years ago). I am always being gifted various types of plants from my kids. I also am a big fan of buying bulk mystery seeds, throwing them out onto my garden and seeing what grows. Every year a surprise plant blooms and takes over my garden, always allowing me to expand my green thumb.”

3. Rhea Coleman, Avalon Park

“I’ve lived in my small bungalow on the southeast side of Chicago since 1985. I didn’t garden back then, allergies kept me from trying. 10 years ago, thanks to Claritin and a neighbor I began planting seeds and rescuing ‘clearance’ plants. I use native plants as my foundation add plant perennials and annuals for color. I call my garden The Joy and Peace Haven as that is what toiling and relaxing in my garden brings me and my family.”

4. Cristin Geimer​, Morgan Park

“When we first bought our house 3 years ago, we had big, huge bushes in front of the whole house. My brother-in-law came in and with my husband took them all down and we started from scratch. My favorite part about our front yard garden is that there is always color and it's constantly changing as the season goes along. It's so much fun to see how the whole garden changes without having to really do anything to it!”

5. Ann Henry, South Chicago

“Our garden has so much depth and history, from the old rocks my Father planted 40+ years ago to the grandkids learning to appreciate nature in their own yard. We have annuals and perennials, vivid impatiens and one of our new favorites, a Mandevilla. Like the Henry family the Mandevilla turns even more beautiful when preened.”

6. Nancy Jane Lauren, West Ridge

“Our front yard exists under the grace of an old Sycamore tree whose giant stature offers up dappled sunlight at best. Gardening in deep shade once felt like a curse but today we’ve got a beautiful lush, woodland setting that feels more like a serene sanctuary than a house in the city.”

7. Stacy Maul, Morgan Park

“The front garden frames my side-entrance bungalow beautifully with a large evergreen to the east and a border of evergreens to the west. The garden has evolved with new and old just like my home. It changes with the seasons with snow covered trees in the winter, purple alliums in the spring, and an explosion of lilies, Hydrangeas and annuals then wind down in the fall. I love to look out from the front window at my garden.”

8. And​rew & Lindsay McKone, West Ridge


“When we moved into our first home, our family and friends thought we bought a tree house instead of a bungalow! The first thing we did was cut down the three huge pine trees that blocked our home's facade. After attending several gardening seminars through the Chicago Bungalow Association, we learned we could pack our plants together and utilize ground cover to avoid the need for constant weeding. (It works!)”

9. Olgamaria Perez, Albany Park

“Trying to stay true with the original style and historical essence of the era in which our home was built. It’s been a labor of love.”

10. Maureen Volini, Edgewater

"We had fun extending the garden to the parkway. The peace pole 
sends the right message too!"


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