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DIY Bungalow Sunporch Revamp

Names: Princess Ojiaku & Davis Peterson (and our cat Olive, and puppy Argos)

Location: Rogers Park, Chicago

Type of vintage home: Chicago bungalow

Years lived in: 3 years

Tell us a little about yourself and others in your home: Davis and I moved to Chicago and ended up buying a bungalow we would see from our first apartment here. We’d walk by it everyday going to work and dreamed about buying one some day and were amazed when everything worked out and we moved in. Princess got into planning and DIYing things since the place was far from turnkey, and the rest is history!

Describe your home's style in 5 words or less: Mid-Century Modern, Botanical, Artsy, Cozy

Tell us about your recent sunporch revamp: It’s was a fun DIY refresh. The back porch and the attached room were a weird blue color under white paint. The window trim was beat up too.

I removed a bunch of unused cables running through the baseboards, gave all the trim a fresh coat of paint, painted the window shelves, and gave the walls a subtle cream lime wash paint.

In the process, I realized that I had a picture rail so I hung photos from it to complete the cozy look.

I also replaced the beat up mini blinds with top-down, bottom-up shades.

Proudest DIY moment? Cutting the telephone and unused cable cords and pulling them through to the outside of the house. I was kind of scared to cut them but it’s so nice to not have cable hanging out both inside and outside.

List sources for decor or materials (if you recommend them):

Sydney Harbour Paints for the lime wash

Benjamin Moore for the trim paint

Select Blinds for the shades

What are you planning to do next? Outdoor overhaul! Adding a garage, fence, and garden total makeover for the backyard.


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