Rear/Side Gardens

Voting is now closed. Winners will be announced July 27th. View the top 10 submissions for our 4th Annual Bungalow Garden Contest below. 

1. Athene Carras, Albany Park

"Replacing our 2.5 car garage with a smaller brick one, allowed us to extend our living space into our backyard, with a living room/kitchen and dining room. It is a cool respite in the mornings and afternoon and a lively entertainment zone in the evening."

2. John Clifford, Beverly

"I feel my yard and garden gives continual color from spring to fall. The yard has several patios that are placed though out to provide both sun and shade all day long with ample seating. Or if you want to practice your chipping and putting while listening to your favorite tunes with surround sound in the yard enjoy our putting green."

3. Emma Coleman, Chatham

"My garden is a welcoming home for my neighbors as well as myself. All the flowers enjoy each other's company as well as the garden people placed there taking strolls through the garden!"

4. Armel Jason, South Chicago​

"The depths of variety and beauty sets the garden apart. The vibrate flowers are amplified be the rich greenery."

5. Nancy Jane Lauren, West Ridge

"Our side garden consists of a Magnolia tree, a flagstone path at its base that winds through a bed of Hosta plants, and a concrete bench. Our back yard has a Japanese Maple, Arborvitae on the east and west side and a healthy mass of ivy covering the garage and rear of the house. Window boxes adorn the garage and a small patio sits in the back with a wrought iron table and chairs. Finally, a bed of New Guinea Impatiens that promise to bloom all summer long cover a small curved flowerbed. They've all been given fair warning; bloom or get replaced! My ruthless nature is what sets this garden apart."

6. Deborah Lust, Edison Park

"We designed our side and rear garden to balance opportunities for friendly greetings with backyard privacy. Year-round interest is provided by 35+ varieties of bulbs, perennials, shrubs and trees. Most of the plants have special meaning, such as the peonies and clematis that came with the house, the hostas from the family farm in Iowa, and the dogwood tree and honeysuckle vine representing family roots in Virginia."

7. Julie Newfeld, Albany Park​

"My garden is a 25 year evolution from a formal garden to a wildlife sanctuary. My focus is on native plants to attract birds, beneficial insects, and pollinators. I want my garden to contribute to the web of life in a small city space."

8. Heidemarie Becker Olenoski, Albany Park​

"I created a space where my chickens can free range throughout the day with plenty of areas of shade and areas to dust bathe. My 4 raised beds are for fresh greens for my girls and as well for us. I call this my little urban farm in the city."

9. Nicholas Sieger, West Ridge

"Our back yard has undergone some major transformation in the last two years. The polar vortex of 2019 killed a weeping cherry tree that was the original focus of the garden. In its place we have added a koi pond, hypertufa concrete retaining wall/bench, heptacodium grove with a satyr fountain/water feature and a chicken coop. All of the changes have resulted in a back yard oasis."

10. Brenda Woodhouse, Chatham

"What makes my garden unique for me is it is a cozy space where I can come to relax or work, gather my thoughts, retreat or entertain. I can enjoy a refreshing beverage or enjoy eating a meal day or night while no matter which direction I'm facing, I'm surrounded by beautiful plants, flowers, shrubs, lights and whimsical garden figurines. It's my work of art that I enjoy sharing with guest to my home."


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